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My name is Candis Marie. I am one of the creators behind the booming supplements and wellness brand, 7 Sun Alchemy. If you are committed to taking your life to the next level, creating the healthiest version of yourself, breaking through your limitations, and guiding your loved ones/yourself through this wellness journey with a little more ease and a little less fear you have found yourself in the right spot.

I was the teenager and young adult who spent a lot of time reading health books and articles, learning and absorbing all of the knowledge I possibly could. I was the person who has always had a huge passion for helping the less fortunate and those in need. I would have never guessed that I would end up in the holistic wellness industry. Actually, I had intended on going to

law school. After attending college, I dropped out and ended up going through a few jobs until I found myself doing massage and training in multiple other modalities.

This is where my spark for helping people started. How could I have a job that paid the bills and that actually allowed me to live my passion? From here, I have been fortunate to work with many doctors, naturopathic doctors and healers learning and growing my own practice with many certifications.

I own a holistic wellness business in Nampa, Idaho. I have been practicing bodywork for 12 years and have experience in several modalities. I run my business with my husband, Alden Miller, who has been an Energy Healer for 17 years now.

We have a huge passion for helping people, and are in the process of

building a wellness center and planning our first series of wellness retreats around the world. We treat the body as a whole and help get to the root of our client's issues.

7th Sun Alchemy is something that fell into my lap in late 2014. When we met one of our partners who showed us how to make this amazing

supplement that I had never heard of called monoatomic gold. I set out on a mission to help develop the company to manifest more health and wellness in world.


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