Wanna join 29 others like you to detox your body, mind and spirit? 

How To Finally Cleanse Your Body, Your Mind And Rejuvenate Your Spirit In As Little As 21 Days

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Who Else Wants To Completely Reset Their Life The Right Way?

This is a 21-Day program that will challenge you to stretch beyond your comfort zone and form new habits of eating, exercising and thinking


The Alchemy Of Detox

A 21-day guide to completely resetting your life the plant based way

isn't for you if...

is for you if...

What Does The 

'Alchemy Of Detox Program' Mean To 


From: Candis Marie 

Where: Boise, Idaho


What does the 'Alchemy Of Detox Program' mean to you?

It can be very different for everyone...

For some, it can be finally getting ahold of your sugar cravings you've tried several times in the past to control because its slowly deteriorating your health

For others, finding a potent solution to your sickening sleep issue you've had for a while now

And for others, you're looking to develop the heathly habits you've been postponing every single time so you can stay on top of all health issues

Here's What You Get In Exchange For ONLY $342 $47

This is the time to challenge yourself to cleansing your body, your mind and your spiritual being so you can unleash your full potential, live a healthy life you have always wanted and make yourself proud.

Starting on January 11th...


Wanna Know More Before You Join The Program...? 

Here's a breakdown of everything you get

when you sign up today...

It All Begins From Here...

The 'Alchemy Of Detox' 75-page step-by-step guide ($37 value) 

This Detox Journey is going to be one that helps you cleanse your body, your mind and rejuvenate your spirit. 

Detoxing is not just about losing a few pounds, it’s about cleansing out the old, toxic, and harmful substances we absorb through our food, the products we use, environment, water and even our thoughts.   

This is a 21-Day program that will challenge you to stretch beyond your comfort zone and form new habits of eating, exercising and thinking. 

Do not be discouraged during this time, instead find the courage and strength within you to commit to making the necessary changes to have the health, happiness and life you desire. 

You can do this. 

It all starts now.

Food Journal

 A custom meals, calories, and exercise tracker ($19 value) 

There's one thing knowing your body, mind and spirit needs a cleanse and another knowing what you feed during this reset.   

This is a carefully formulated food journal by experts that takes into account your meals, calorie counts and exercise regimen. 

This doesn't only allow you have a well laid-out plan to stick to but helps you to easily cultivate a healthy eating lifestyle you can adapt even after the 21-day detox program.

Detox Theory

The plant based detox munch ($19 value) 

Into today's modern society, we put our bodies through numerous unhealthy situations. 

From the foods we eat, to the oxidative stress we experience from the jobs we hate. In my own life, I have experienced bloating after every meal, unexplained weight gain, chronic fatigue and many other symptoms that most times go unexplained or left untreated. 

All things that lead back to the amount of toxic load that our bodies must endure.

The goal here is to get you to feel better and remove those nasty toxins from your life. You cannot do that successfully without knowing where they came from, how to remove them and how to keep them out. 

I am going to cover all of these topics and in this 33-page guide that we can go over together while we are educating ourselves to become the healthiest version of ourselves

BONUS #1: Weekly Live Calls

Your accountability partner on-demand  ($97 value) 

When last did you get your nutritionist or doctor reach every week to help you accomplish your health goals? 

This is exactly what you get for joining the Alchemy Of Detox program today. 

I'll personally go live in an exclusive, non-judgemental group on facebook specially created for this to personally hold your hand on this journey. 

It can be super challenging so I'm making myself available so we can crush your goals together. 

I feel its my life's mission

BONUS #2: Unlimited Email Access

On-demand access to my team ($67 value) 

During this detox challenge, you're going to be in great hands because not only are you getting access to me, your new health enthusiast friend and partner, but also you get unlimited access to my team. 

You're surrounded with geniuses who know a thing or two about nutrition and keeping a healthy lifestyle void of ailments. 

I know this will come in handy when you want to get your burning questions answered on-demand. 

We're in this together, remember?

BONUS #3: Private Group Access

Get unlimited access to our facebook group dedicated to your detox journey ($97 value) 

Avoid all the nosy, judgmental people (we all know they are out there to devor their next victim) easily by joining our exclusive facebook group dedicated to your cleansing journey. 

You're going to be joined by people just like you who really understand you and can't wait to celebrate your wins and loses together. 

This is your newly found community

Heres's What You're Gonna

Get When You Join TODAY For ONLY $342 $47

- Click Here To Join The Alchemy Of Detox Program Today For $47

Is There Any Catch To This...?

You might be wondering... 

Why are you giving away $342 worth of value for only $47? It's very simple! 

We know if you go through this detox program and was super helpful to cleanse your body, mind and rejuvenate your spirit, you're more than likely going to buy our other products and services and have a lifelong relationship together 

Time Is Of Essence...Act NOW!

So if this page is still running, then it means you can still join the challenge but I can't guarantee how long it will stay open. 

When is the next one?

 I have no idea when the next detox program is going to be launched but this very one is going to start on January 11, 2021. 

Now, is the best time to challenge yourself into healthy ways

Here's My 'You Gotta Be Crazy' Guarantee

If you participate in the Alchemy Of Detox Program, attend all the live calls, utilize our support group we've created for you and still don't attain phenomenal success in...

  • cleansing your body... 
  • freeing your mind from all toxins...
  • and rejuvenating your spirit...

Then you can email me and I'll personally refund your money to you and you get to keep all the materials we sent to you anyway...

How's that for a guarantee?

Here's What You Do Next...

Thanks for taking the time to read and watch the video on this page. I can't wait to hear your success story after this detox program. From here on, just click on the big button below to get started    

Candis Marie   

P.S. Just in case you skipped the entire letter to this point, here's all what the fuss is all about   

When you join the Alchemy Of Detox Program today (only for $47), you're going to get a 55-page step-by-step guide to help you on the journey to cleansing your body, mind and rejuvenating your spirit. You're also going to get a 30-page guide to help you plan your meals, track your calories and specific workout regimen to help you crush your health goals, unlimited access to my team and access to the exclusive facebook group

And if for some reason, you didn't like the program and think it was a waste of time, please let me know and I'll refund your money and you get to keep all the resources we sent to you

Does it sound fair?

A Recap Of What You're Gonna Get If You Join The Challenge TODAY

Join TODAY For ONLY $47

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